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Welcome to Bulldog Training Tips, a website dedicated to helping new Bulldog owners obedience train their dogs.

I have been fortunate enough to have owned Bulldogs since I was a child, and I created this website in order to share my knowledge of Bulldog training. Bulldogs have brought much happiness and joy in to my life, but there have also been times when my dogs have caused me frustration and stress. This website is dedicated to new Bulldog owners who are seeking to obedience train their dogs and solve their dogs behavioral problems.

I have dealt with many of the numerous problems that commonly affect Bulldogs, such as aggressive territorial behavior (guarding food, furniture etc), destructive behavior, digging, chewing furniture and clothes, biting, excessive growling and barking, whining, pulling on the leash, and separation anxiety to name just some of the more common problems. I realize now that consistently training Bulldogs from a young age is fundamental in order to eliminate the problems that Bulldogs are prone to develop.

The philosophy that underpins how I go about training my dogs is based upon using praise and rewards (vocal praise, food treats, and toys) for good behavior, and I try to avoid overly punishing my Bulldogs. I have found that Bulldogs seem to respond much better to positive rewards than to negative punishments. Of course there are times when every dog owner needs to administer some sort of penalty for very bad behavior. In these cases I try to implement soft punishments such as ignoring the animal, tugging on the leash, or dishing out some other punishment that the dog doesnít like, but I try to avoid causing them stress or trauma, and I never hit my dogs.

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Bulldogs are a stocky medium sized breed of dog and are generally very friendly in character. They are known to be quite docile, with a good temperament and donít tend to be overly aggressive. Bulldogs can be quite stubborn however, which can make bulldog training something of a struggle on some days.

Because Bulldogs have excellent guarding skills, and look deceivingly fierce, they are sometimes used to guard properties. Sometimes however their innate guarding skills can become problematic. Bulldogs often fiercely guard food and furniture, and can sometimes be aggressive to guests who come round and want to sit in the dogs favorite chair. Having said that, they generally get along very well with children and other dogs, and are very social animals.

Another common problem Bulldog owners face is that Bulldogs are prone to boredom and separation anxiety. Their friendly social disposition means that they need lots of attention and can become anxious when left on their own. During the hours when a Bulldog is left alone they can become bored and develop destructive tendencies like chewing furniture.

In order to avoid the problems highlighted above, as well as the less common but equally as serious problems of excessive aggression, biting, over excitement, barking, whining etc, it is imperative that every Bulldog owner spends lots of time with their dog. By taking the time to implement Bulldog obedience training consistently, you will avoid many of the problems above, and help to ensure that your Bulldog is obedient to you. You should also make sure that your dog gets enough exercise every day. This not only helps ensure that your dog avoids becoming overweight, but also the time you spend walking your Bulldog helps avoid loneliness and boredom, gives you a chance to implement further training, and otherwise monitor your dogs overall physical and mental health.

I advise you to take your time to browsing the free information and advice on the Bulldog Training Tips website. I also recommend that you sign up to receive the fantastic (and free) Alpha Dog Training report and Bulldog Obedience Training Newsletter series, both of which are full of fantastic advice and information to help you to get you started training your Bulldog.

When you decide that you want to take your Bulldog training to a higher level of sophistication, I strongly recommend that you invest one of the better dog training manuals. I also advise all Bulldog owners to purchase a good dog health guide, so that you can confidently asses and diagnose potential health problems as they arise through the lifetime of your dog. For a list of what I consider to be the best training and health resources currently available for Bulldog owners, please head to the Recommended Products section of this website.

Thank you for visiting the Bulldog Training Tips website, and I wish you the best of success in your obedience training endeavors.

John Hewitt